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sothis Feb 11, 2012

Sorry for the crazy delay Kari, thanks as always for your support of AP, your donation badge is now up :)

sothis Dec 7, 2011

Sorry for the delay! You should have a shiny new donation badge now, thank you so much as always for supporting AP <3 it will go a long way towards keeping the servers running and features being developed.

KilaBite Mar 20, 2011

Hi Kari,


Just wanted to thank you for how helpful many of your reviews have been for me. I've seen your name pop up on numerous animes and you've saved me downloading quite a few anime titles that wouldn't be worth my time.

Your reviews are right on the mark and are usually put together in such a way that they don't drag on but communicate the basic facts and opinions clearly.

Thanks for your hard work and I know that when I see a review done by you in future, it's one I can rely on.

sothis Mar 3, 2011

I've heard mediocre things about that one - definitely get dance central asap, it's EXTRRMELY fun, great interface, etc. also very highly rated

Kotor0079 Feb 9, 2011

oh ok, but i just thought that it was wierd that we was not mentioned as an alien...so....