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NazaNEYn Apr 6, 2019

you must be one of the oldest members :D

you've watched 921 anime! :O so you weren't kidding when you said couch is your first home :D

NazaNEYn Apr 4, 2019

hello :D i'm finally here to judge you jk :D 

you're quite famous here :O

zanahara Feb 22, 2019

Thank you for the comment on my review! I'm glad you liked it <3 

AmekoHachimitsu Oct 16, 2018

Hello! I am looking to help fund some of my favorite sites and was wondering what a good monthly payment would be, I don't know how much this site brings in a month and how much it cost to run.

Also I love your profile, it is really cute!

Rubyfan12 Aug 19, 2018

Desserts and sweets are my favorite! I’m a sweetooth!