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Triltaison Dec 27, 2013

Merry (belated) Christmas to you too! I would have answered sooner, but I have been embroiled in the making of many, many cookies. I can't send you cookies, but I can send pics of cookies! -Of 92 cookies, in fact. :D



sothis Dec 18, 2013

btw that birdcage manor manga is pretty good, quite engaging

Aranneas Oct 5, 2013

I was pretty apprehensive of silver spoon to start with but it gradually grew on me. by the end I rather enjoyed it for sure ^^

it's kind of a contemplative show, presents a lot of questions for the viewer but mostly lets you make your own conclusions. the MC unfortunately doesn't come to his own decisions by the end of it... but of course there's another season.

I find him very likable as a character too, which def. helps. not just your standard shounen determinator, but actively out to learn about the world and himself.

Zaig Aug 8, 2012

Curses. I was gonna leave a certain character comment for Bandit Keith, but you were one year too fast...IN AMERICA!

smilewolfy Jul 16, 2012

but there's so many great anime series :D do you keep up to date with currently airing anime? oh have you been watching Sword Art Online? I love it :)