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Sianeka Jan 28, 2014

Just started watching Tonari no Seki Kun as you recommended for a current season watch, and it was so fun, I watched all four episodes that are currently released! And plan to watch more as they come out!  (No recs for it yet, and I'll wait to see if there is any plot/characcter development before I think about attempting a review.) Will also be checking out Space Dandy soon as well. - Sianeka

xCanaxCherry Jan 16, 2014

You've watched so many anime and read so much manga! :O

lesterf1020 Jan 9, 2014

 Z/X: Ignition just was not my cup of tea. After a very brief intro of the setting they simply jumped into the action. Since I didn't find the action impressive and they seemed to be way more interested in showing off powers and types than building characters or story I bailed. I think I only made it half way through. YMMV.

Triltaison Dec 27, 2013

Merry (belated) Christmas to you too! I would have answered sooner, but I have been embroiled in the making of many, many cookies. I can't send you cookies, but I can send pics of cookies! -Of 92 cookies, in fact. :D