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Tsukasa112 Aug 21, 2019

No problem! Mandarake is a huge secondhand goods chain in Japan but their stuff is always really good quality, since Japanese collectors are pretty careful about that. There's a lot of great stuff on there at a really good price. I've even bought second hand Aikatsu CD's that still came with the promotion card from them!

Tsukasa112 Aug 20, 2019

I only used AmiAmi for it once when I bought one of those candy boxes lol. Other than that I've used CDJapan. Not for cards themselves, but like everything I bought from there came with a card or two lol. Card catalouge books, CD's, Figuarts and 3DS games lol. But the best place is Mandarake, I was able to buy stacks of cards there for a really good price. I've even seen rarer stuff like the OG Binders pop up there ocassionaly but I always miss them ;~;

Also something crazy! They are doing an actual like... proper Aikatsu TCG set. It's getting a crossover promotion with the Battle Spirits card game!

Tsukasa112 Aug 20, 2019

Aww that's a shame! I started buying I guess around S4 of Aikatsu?  I ended up lucking out and getting quite a lot of older cards though, at least from S2 since I found heaps of stacks of them for sale and got em with CD's and stuff... You can actually find a lot of OG Aikatsu cards for a reasonable price these days. I'm happy to help if you're interested!

I don't have any from Stars or Friends yet, I've not even started them yet! >.< Though I plan too soon after Parade's announcement. There aren't enough Aikatsu fans out there, it really is the definition of a hidden gem anime. So I'm always happy to meet and chat with them ^_^

Tsukasa112 Aug 20, 2019

Hi there!! I don't know you but I saw your profile picture and on the forums you said you buy Aikatsu cards so I thought I should definitely say hi!

NazaNEYn Apr 6, 2019

oh i see! :D