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KuroKirby Nov 13, 2008

Yup, i do conventions, but here in Italy ^__^

I've done dozen of cosplay (7 years of costumes till nowadays), like trinity blood, naruto, dragonball, streetfighter, guilty gear... the list is sooo looong ^__^

And u? What have u done? What's ur best one?

KuroKirby Nov 13, 2008

Hello there! Nice avatar! I'm a cosplayer too! Is that you?

See you soon!

KatDJZ Nov 13, 2008

I thought more people here would know it too, but lots of people have asked me if I've drawn my avatar. lol, yeah, like I'd be able to draw that :)

KatDJZ Nov 13, 2008

Thanks! You're the only person so far that has known Megatokyo. I found out about it not that long ago and totally fell in love with it.

namine14 Nov 12, 2008

Cool, u really do look like haruhi before she got her hair cut. I wanna cosplay! *.*