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narack Aug 2, 2017

Thanks Kari5! I'm looking forward to release it! If you haven't already, please check out my Kickstarter too. I got some extra UNBOY goodies to go with the book.

Thrawn Aug 12, 2015

Damn right I'm gonna watch Diabolik Lovers Season 2! It's gonna be the worst show of the season, regardless of all the other crappy shows in Fall.

Unless they release another episode of Mujaki no Rakuen, which Brad requested we all watch for the boners. Just wanted to namedrop Brad because it was Brad that forced us to watch it. You should totally check it out.

Zaig May 28, 2015

*leaves "good news" for you* ALRIGHT!

sothis Apr 9, 2015

ahahahaha i keep one-upping myself for creepy stuff >:D

Zaig Jun 5, 2014

And miss Ray yelling, "Go! DRIGER!" or one of the bladebreakers screaming their teammate's name? No way. Those were the best parts (okay, Ray I was being serious about, the rest not so much)! I'm guessing I'll find it only slightly more entertaining than the new Beyblade anime without the original cast...

But who knows, because Beyblade, Pokemon, and Yugioh were my childhood's three staples, which my friends would alternate when we got bored with one. It depends on how much of a Beyblade fan you were.