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blackphoenix1419 Jan 7, 2009

thanks but i need to make 'large' wings which is a pain in the ass but i don't need them  until a-kon

blackphoenix1419 Jan 7, 2009

but i am trying to make an Angel of Death costume with wings and large colored contacts.

ape510 Jan 7, 2009

Thanks, all i needed to do was change it to a j-peg....


I owe ya one ^^


Now to try and sort a signiture :S lol

Selaphiel Jan 7, 2009

you're welcome. =D

ape510 Jan 7, 2009

Hey Kari, thanks for the warm welcome...orare you like that dude on myspace that says hi, but its automated? O wells, not important.


I would like to ask you for a little help if you can spare a few mins... I cant seem to find any avatar that fits for my profile, even from anime avatar websites. Is there some knack to it that everyone else knows and i dont? Or am i just being special?


Thanks ape510/ George :)