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Jabau Jan 10, 2009

Thanks for the welcome. Sorry if you already know of it(I find it hard to believe you don't know of it) but I'm sure it isn't listed in your anime. Why not try Soul Eater. It's new and seeing how you're a fan of Bleach you may enjoy it. I happen to think it's quite impressive and definately worth a look.

Kuwaii Jan 10, 2009

I spent all day reading Vampirates and I finally got caught up.  It's been so awesome so far and I want more comics to be out :(  Thank you for having that in your profile so I could read it too.  And thanks again for saying hello in the first place ^.^

robinkun Jan 9, 2009

Thx for the welcome :p


I c u do cosplay :D


Im a newb cosplayer myself, have done Pedobear and Pantsman(from vgcats.com) so far, planning on Alastor from the viewtiful joe games, Bonta-kun from FMP, Roy Mustang from Full metal alchemist and R-One-Oh-Seven from the Timesplitters game for my next cosplays XD

ape510 Jan 7, 2009

Safe, a thousand thanks once again...got my avatar sorted, sig is comming along but needs a lil work, i know which background i want...ill post it on the forum for someone to help me with ^^


You've been awesome help, have a great day :P