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dreasey Jan 15, 2009

yes it is ^^

I already now a site with the links to each anime and manga. Now it's easier than it already was.

dreasey Jan 15, 2009

arigato ^^ for the welcome message.

I really like this site it is alot easier now to find the manga's and anime's wich I am still watching and reading.


animefanatic Jan 15, 2009

Thanks.  I need to update a lil though havent been on in a long time

Nightweaver Jan 15, 2009

Well thanks, I like yours too. Is that you?


To tell the truth i even drew it :p, I even scanned it xD

W0m6at Jan 15, 2009

Thanks for the welcome, though it's my second time on Anime-Planet... the first time was many, many moons ago.