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sothis Sep 22, 2010

hey kari btw, i'd be obliged if you had a chance to try to write up synopses for all these manga you're adding chars for :) i know the thread is closed but that's just for the general populace - since you have experience writing them (and given you're familiar with how much of the anime/manga the synop needs to cover, etc) i could easily edit and put them up. ^_^

if you have any ever, feel free to send to the webmaster addy :)

sothis Sep 12, 2010

Go ahead and resend them - I'm watching the dvd but it's bluray and am unable to take screens, I've discovered. So unless I get yours it'll be hard for me to put any up.

sothis Sep 12, 2010

Hey Kari, if you get this in the next hour or so, can you let me know if it was you that sent halo screens a long time ago? if it was, could you resend them? i'm working on a synop, but i dont have access to my old mail atm given the laptop died - just not sure if i should try to take some myself.

unitzero Jul 11, 2010

cool. I want to trust panchis' images especially since they are looking so good. I just thought some of those were on the cusp of us actually getting that info across last week.

I saw that you were adding the Shaman King stuff so I kind of figured you might be more familiar with it, and I saw that you had the manga on your manga list so...:D cool. thanks Kari.