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Meron Apr 8, 2021

I notice a lack of Popee love on your profile, I've been thinking. What do you think of actually watching a quality anime for once?

I saw someone mention you in fact have never had anything to do with Popee, and frankly am offended. I heard you are a female, that's ok cause I know some females in real life too, Crazy right?

Sirscaredyclaude Apr 8, 2021

Hello! With Yuri being portrayed as one of your favorite characters, I've been thinking, what do you think of Tales of Vesperia?

Someone mentioned last January that you had a birthday. Well! Your birthday would be very close to my first girlfriend. So yeah! She's an an early Aquarius also and she was born in Ohio.

Blackysensei Jan 5, 2020

Thanks kari, somehow i always think of you whenever i see that lips 💋 emoji XD

narack Aug 5, 2017

Thank you for backing UNBOY!

narack Aug 2, 2017

Thanks Kari5! I'm looking forward to release it! If you haven't already, please check out my Kickstarter too. I got some extra UNBOY goodies to go with the book.