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PharuanUndearth Jul 7, 2016

I don't like to bug you mainly because you help me out all the time but it seems Zaig maybe off or something but seeing as a month has passed boom,

 "In One Piece Special 4: The Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy there are many people who aren't in either half of the special(AmazonBoodleDaltonHocker, and Miss Monday all aren't in it) but one person who is missing is Ippon-Matsu and he's a minor character in the first half. Have a good day sir."

or ma'am as in you're unidentified. Also Raki(Viz) maybe mislabled it's mostly translated to Laki(FUNimation), I'm not sure what source we use, Viz or FUNimation. Again sorry for constantly bugging the most helpful person on here.

PharuanUndearth Jun 22, 2016

Thanks yeah all the others(4) were added recently. No problem i just thought the number to be off by seven, at the time, was a bit much. Thanks for looking into it.

PharuanUndearth Jun 6, 2016

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto has only 20 chapters I've checked about 5 manga sites and the offical wikipedia page only mentions volumes. Now if there's something im missing(btw myanimelist isn't really reliable http://myanimelist.net/manga/48649/Sakamoto_desu_ga but this is the only site that also says 27; the only one). But I'd just thought I'd stop by and see if i'm retsarded or something the very last chapter[20] is Der Erlkönig there has been no new chapters since. Thanks for your time.

PharuanUndearth Apr 28, 2016

I love you. You're too good to me.