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blxckshi Jan 19, 2014

You haven't provided any reasoning as you've only bashed on the show after watching the first episode. However, I do deem the ecchi/softcore scene in the episode to be unnecesary. In fact it shouldn't be enough of a reason to hate the show because of it. As for morals all you've showed to me is that you are an impatient and incompetent fool who can't handle waiting or dealing with plot development. What you've trully backed up was your logic that people can read into the furture and predict that the future of a given show would be either good or bad. I didn't mean to offend you but your reasoning for your rating should not be based off of 1 episode. You should have included that you were rating it as a first impression and not the entire series in a whole.

xCanaxCherry Jan 19, 2014

Oh, I watched Code Geass a long time ago, I guess I just didn't recognize her ^^' I should probably rewatch Code Geass and R2. Code Geass was one of the few Mecha anime I liked.

xCanaxCherry Jan 18, 2014

Your avatar is really cute :3 What's it of?

XxZeroeZxX Jan 18, 2014

Yeah that's the thing w/ Oregairu, I was very disappointed w/ how it just ended like that. But your right if they do pick it back up, that'll definitely be something I'll hav my eye on. Hachiman is a fantastic character, I hav him in my top 10 and he was probably the best of the yr. And the character interactions, the slick back-and-forths between he and Yukina, u can't beat it.

XxZeroeZxX Jan 18, 2014

It's pretty amazing that something that bad can get funding and exist lol.

And thanks for commenting on my Sakurasou review! What a great show huh? I mean, let's face it we're not gonna see another rom com like that for a while. I mean Golden Time is nice and all, but it's no Toradora and frankly it's no Sakurasou either.