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Norgey Jan 19, 2014

wait man am i stupid it must be CC from code geass cause of the clothes! never the less they look very similar!

Norgey Jan 19, 2014

is your profile pic amber/february from Darker than black? just curious.. i might be wrong but i feel like its her! 

Norgey Jan 19, 2014

harsh? I guess i am too harsh and is probably why i never write reviews in the first place.. cause its either i really like them or hate them.. so yeah ^^ you are entitled to your own opinion. No one is forced to read your reviews.. honesty is best. 

Norgey Jan 19, 2014

ah i see ... i haven't heard of those others. maybe if i read them i will want to watch them. 

Norgey Jan 19, 2014

I read some of your reviews and hahaha i laughed cause they were so true! Especially SAO and [C] control...