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Norgey Jan 19, 2014

Lucky your normal....hahah the sane ship sailed a long time ago for me... maybe your nihilistic. or maybe just a fence sitter... watching everything go down XD

Norgey Jan 19, 2014

*claps* haha that was deep... are you depressed? or previously have been? 

Norgey Jan 19, 2014

ah real world is still real.. i guess people have to be professional and can't all dye their hair.. sorry ^^

Norgey Jan 19, 2014

then do you have a weird hair color? 

Norgey Jan 19, 2014

ah...i don't really like amber so its fine.. im kinda glad its CC... ^^ but i am really not so much a fan of green hair.. besides gumi... and ayato naoi