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Ebhen Mar 27, 2014

No worries! :) To much unbelievable and stupid ecchi just makes me wonder if the producers are sane or the people who are financially backing up the studio is. hehe... There are too many stupid shows out there which is just a waste of space. 

A pantyshot here and there or some other light ecchi is fun but when it take over the show I just pull the plug and leave the sinking ship for more interesting stuff.

Ebhen Mar 27, 2014

My point was that you can't judge a whole show by one episode. You have to be very clear that your critique was aimed at just that ep. rather than the whole series.I didn't like the show and thought it was very badly done and the ecchi-stuff was crude and very stupid so there we could agree. I watched 5 eps and then dropped it as waste of time.

Aylia Mar 6, 2014

Tch, you'd know about it already if I disliked you :D

I'm just talking to people on Skype and doing some work so I probably won't reply right away some times.

Aylia Mar 6, 2014

I do not. What lead you to this musing?

blxckshi Mar 2, 2014

Looks like you're still getting in heated arguements..