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Llamamoe Feb 26, 2014

Setting aside the fact that you haven't asked a question, I suppose if you're asking nicely, I can answer.

First off, I don't give a fuck about roriconfan, I don't know him, and in fact if you dug through his comment history and reviews long enough, you would find out that I disagree with a lot of what he says. The only respect for him that I have is possesing own opinions, and you don't see a lot of that among the anime fan almost-hivemind.

As for white knighting, a word you use in an attempt to be offensive towards me, and of which you unfortunately don't seem to know the meaning, you're grossly mistaken, the reason why I commented on yours and Panta's profiles is for my personal amusement.

See, just like you like trying to offend and insult people, so do I, except I, as some sort of (call it twisted) personal sense of honor, only enjoy it when the subjects of my venom are assholes themselves, and frankly, insulting people for no real, concrete, or solid reason, counts as that. It's a bit sad.

Well, I suppose I wish you best of luck in your joyous life of... whatever, really, I don't care.

Aylia Feb 25, 2014

Didn't mean to sound terse, I do come across as that sometimes ^^;

Your reply to Rori's fangirl was articulated better than what I thought mine was. It's an odd phenomenon that someone criticizing the majority of any media is able to gain a cult following. It's kind of like how something as idiotic as Twilight has fans.

I'm writing my own review of Sakurasou at the moment, but it's painfully lengthy and needs cutting down.

Aylia Feb 24, 2014

The link is on his profile page, in the About Me section.

Llamamoe Feb 24, 2014

Just wanted to commend you for the absolutely beautiful way your intellectual comment of "Please don't write reviews and get off the site until you grow up and your IQ increases. Thank you." on roriconfan's profile made me feel like I'm back in second grade, ah, the nostalgy. /s

Aylia Feb 22, 2014

I'm at a loss as to how he's gained a cult following with the content of many of his reviews expressing similar inaccuracies and misunderstandings. I had to comment because it really did feel like we've seen two different shows - there's so much to say for the characters in the first 6 episodes, even Mashiro who I initially thought was going to be a bland stereotype turned out to actually have a well-concealed personality.