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blxckshi Jan 19, 2015

Sorry for the late, response. I'm not currently up to much, unfortunetly for a while I wasn't able to watch that much anime but I'm back now. Schoolwork sucks....

sneakyredlamp Jul 22, 2014

Yeah, totally. Have calmed down now largely because there's some good shows this season. Hopefully I'll never repeat this sort of experience again, as I like being entertained, not made to rant and yell.

RomanceOtaku May 8, 2014

Can you say that watching merely one episode? I watched the whole thing and more of the plot unfolded as it went along. However it seems you will not change your mind, not that I care all too much about it. It was nice to hear some feedback though. Thanks for the conversation.

RomanceOtaku May 2, 2014

Its plot is original. No other anime has the premise of a childhood friend coming back as a soul in limbo in order to fulfill their dying wish and possesing someone, here a step-sister, to accomplish that wish. It is very echii and  couldve been done a less echii way however it is still original.

RingoStarr1991 May 2, 2014

You use words well. Welcome to the people who use words club.