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Steins;Gate 0

Sep 7, 2019

SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldnt reccomend this anime at this time.

finished watching this. the first steins gate anime was amazing. steins gate 0 just retreads over the same ground over and over. its like you experience the 3000x the main character has to time travel in both series to fix the past or future or whatever is going on since at some points its almost really unclear what is even going on just to fix some small little thing that happens yet it takes him seemingly a million trys.
i mean really, for me its not that hard to follow along. i get the storyline and what they were trying to portray.

its not really so much of a spoiler to say at all what this ones basis is considering its the first episode and the entire 23 episodes are a basis for steins gate 0.

steins gate 0 is a alternate timeline in which okabe does not actually save kurisu. he ends up basically getting the short end of the stick from father time and is met with this ultimatium where if mayuri lives kurisu dies, and if kurisu lived then mayuri died. actually , this is so far from the original i forget what actually even happened because of all the loopholes and timelines. i mean, at some point youd think theyd come up with a new concept or something.....

i almost really wanna say this show is a Filler. i hope so.  read on if you want the whole series summed up in a few short sentences, but im telling you if i was you i would skip this until a new steins gate comes out and then watch this before the new one. because your not gonna wanna watch this one .

ill explain why in a few short sentences

the whole entire 23 episodes is basically is a sad okabe who doesnt care to change the future or save kurisu. he basically decided to stop messing with time travel and aside from some filler material which isnt that great in the entire 23 episodes namely there was an AI replica of kurisu made which is kinda lame really they could have done more with to implement in the show, and the ...what 1 or 2 episodes where he goes into a post apocalyptic future where he failed and realized he has to go back in time no matter what because the world line he is in is even worse. no matter what he does it turns out they both die. 

so pretty much this is the story of him going through all that into a dystopian future where an company or stanford university college professor or something trys to steal the original time machine and he ends up just going back to the past to actually try to save kurisu again and this time try to find steins gate where theres a possibility everyone gets to live and nothing bad happens.

so basically, like i said- the entire steins gate 0 seems like filler for another installment of steins gate.

i hope truthfully. i love the original, it will always be in my top 5 or 10 best anime ive seen, but this was just really dragged out. they could have summed up everything that happened in half of the 23 episodes.

its okay though i have high hopes that maybe another will come out and it will be much much better than this one and the original.  it leaves on that note.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
6/10 overall
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