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I'm just a dude that loves anime and manga. :)

I'm a huge fan of action and adventure anime, but sometimes I will watch a horror or a romance anime every once in a while.

Top 10 Anime:   1.One Punch Man

                        2.Dragonball Z

                        3.One Piece



                        6.Attack On Titan

                        7.Cowboy Bebop

                        8.Space Dandy

                        9.Deadman Wonderland

                       10.Hellsing Ultimate

Top 10 Manga: 1. Attack On Titan

                       2. Dragon Ball

                       3. Naruto

                       4. One Piece

                       5. Bleach

                       6. Hellsing

                       7. Deadman Wonderland

                       8. Magi

                       9. Shamen King

                      10. Fairy Tail

 I am always trying to find new anime and I am open to suggestions.

Also, here is the backstory of the character Kakarot Uchiha.

Kakarot Uchiha was born on the destroyed Planet Vegeta. His father is Cloud and his mother died right after he was born.  However, his mother was the saiyan, Cloud was from the Earth on a trip where he met Kakarot's mother. From there their relationship improved and soon they had about 8 kids together, with Kakarot being the youngest. Almost an hour after Kakarot was born, Frieza had decided to destroy the planet. Cloud took the other 7 kids on his ship and left Kakarot and his mother to die. While Kakarot's mother died in the explosion, Kakarot somehow survived the blast. Kakarot then floated down to Earth in the middle of Tokyo,Japan. A young couple found him in a dumpster outside of a ramen shop. While they found Kakarot, the news blared out that a ship with a man and 7 kids had landed on a military base somewhere. The young couple took Kakarot and they had no need for a name for him because his name was written on his diaper. So, for 6 years the couple raised him on their own. Then, one day Kakarot just went out of the door and never came back. He flew away from Tokyo, having taught himself all the skills of a god, he set out to find a way to get to his father. He vowed revenge on the rest of his family and made a goal out of defeating every single one of his siblings, then his father. The only problem was that he had no way of being able to beat any of them. So, for 10 years he endured super human training to get stronger. Once he was 16, he stopped training and found his first brother Itachi. He defeated him easily. Then, he beat the other 5 easily untill he fought Sasuke. They both fought with all of their of their might and destroyed all of Osaka and half of Tokyo. In the end, Kakarot defeated Sasuke with 2 clones doing the Kamehameha into a beam struggle then for himself to channel that energy into a huge ball of energy and launch it on Sasuke. Then, he created 100 more clones of himself and they all hit a Kamehameha onto that ball of energy. Sasuke, shameful for losing to a 16 year old kid, left and he was never seen again. Then, Cloud approached Kakarot and defeated Kakarot with a kick to the gut. Motivated after his easy loss, Kakarot trained to beat Cloud one on one. Fast foward 8 years and here we are in the present. Kakarot is now 24 and has trained so much he became invincible and he has stopped aging. He has fought in a fierce tournament and is now in the finals of the tournament. His opponent is Cloud. The fight is sure to be one that will shake the now reformed Neo-Tokyo to its core.

I will update the story once i finish daydreaming it.


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