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I’m an autistic Cuban American dude who lives in Miami, Florida. I like watching animation no matter if it’s traditional or CGI. My favorite part of the animation process is the voice acting. I always like the voice actors. I feel they’re an important part in the animation process. I’m an anime fan as well. I watch anime in Japanese. I studied Japanese with Rosetta Stone along with Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian and Mandarin Chinese. I learned Japanese very well that I don’t need the English dubs. I’m also a fan of tokusatsu. It’s a live action show with special effects and the monsters and aliens are suit actors. I’m a fan of Godzilla, Ultraman and Super Sentai. I’m also a big kaiju fan. Kaiju (怪獣) means monster in Japanese. My favorite kaiju are Godzilla from the Godzilla movies and Gomora from the Ultraman series.

I have some special kinks. I like big bellies, bellybuttons, burps, farts, snores, and armpits. I’m straight. But, I like both girl bellies and guy bellies. I like and respect the LGBT community.


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