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Welcome Welcome to my profile :)

An Amatuer reviewer who came to find inspiration for the future when i decide to make my own manga. Read and make reviews to 1.improve language, 2.to hopefully prevent more fanboyism, 3.and most importantly to remind myself what to and what not when i make my projects in the future.

                 -Any one who read visited pls recommend me some animes, ty :)-

Likes: 1. Anime & Manga -duh- 

          2. Tokusatsu : Hensei riders much, bit of Ultramans and not much of Sentai

          3. Pro Wrestling,especially the indie & japanese circuit like PWG,CHIKARA,D2T,DG

          4. Just about Everything Japanese 8D

          5. Games

              Personal favs: Mount and Blade series

                                   Persona series

                                   Megaten IMAGINE      

                                   Age of Wushu

          6. Some Comics like Deadpool

          7. Legit Guys like:


              roriconfan(I find him to be the most reliable reviewer anywhere, even tho he                   could be a dick at times)

              TotalBiscuit(A PC Game critic, often entertaining and helpful when you're                         deciding whether or not you should buy that game)


          8. Innovation, could be anything from shows to music to even stuff we use daily

Dislikes: 1. Uncivilised/Unfair/Illogical Society

             2. None living objects screwing me(like my computer è_è)

             3. Unnecessary Stress... 

             4. Fanboys...

             5. Otaku culture...leveled up version of fanboyism

             6. Shows which are too obsessed with Fan-service instead of actual plot

             7. Extremely optimistic people who cannot accept criticism(Will do a full analysis on that isuue) and/or tries his best to defend everything that is already condemned and refusing to change and keeps on embracing the garbage...

             8. Fanbrats who jumps onto bandwagons, thinks that they're good fans, and starts bullying people for having a negative opinion of their favourite show/person etc.

             9. People spreading propagandas and wrong messages to misguide people, and the misguided refuses to admit the fact leading to a broken yet shameless community >_>...

             10. Living in an alternate universe where mediocrity is rewarded instead of quality, looks are rewarded instead of talent, and guys behaving like girls vice versa. Oh! How unfortunate i'm living in this f*cked up universe!

Personality: Lazy, Rash, Easily Distracted


Aspire: To be a world famous mangaka(for good reasons) 

Ratings will be as followed:


1/10 -  Insult to intellegence >_>

1.5/10 - Probably done by someone on crack...

2/10 - You could start looking elsewhere now o-o...

2.5/10 - Atrocious...STAY AWAY FROM IT 

3/10 - This show sucked hard...

3.5/10 - Bad in nearly everyways

4/10 - Flawful

4.5/10 - Mediocre with some obvious flaws

5/10 - Mediocre

5.5/10 - Above average

6/10 - Good :)

6.5/10 - Great! :D

7/10 - Excellent!!! 8D

7.5/10 - Minimum flaws

8/10 - Must Watch

8.5/10 - Highly memorable

9/10 - Addiction is nearly inevitable

9.5/10 - Will sell my house for a copy of this Masterpiece O_o

10/10 - Nothing is perfect in this world, so this show is as good as it can get (ripped adopted from nihonreviews), and definitely a title of Legendary status

Percentage of reviews will be as follow:

Anime: Story         - 35%

           Characters  - 35%

           Sound        - 15%

           Animations - 15%         

Tokusatsu: Story         - 40%

                 Characters - 40%

                 Sound       - 10%

                 Design      - 10%

Games: Gameplay(includes graphics and others) - 80%

            Story(includes characters)                     - 15%

            Sound                                                - 5%            

*Will be updating list

*Btw I'm not a hardcore anime fan(yet) soooo my ratings might not be accurate :P

*My english is still pretty terrible, please bare with it :P

You could also find me here at: http://myanimelist.net/profile/KageNoArashi (Not so active)

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MrTripStack Jun 26, 2014

Hello! sothis is currently redesigning the Anime-Planet site and plans to roll out an awesome new design this July. The "blog" feature here is not part of this new design and is going away permanently.


More info here: Announcement: the blog feature is being deprecated topic


Once the site's redesign goes live, your blog will be removed from the site. If you want to keep the information posted in your blog, you will have to copy it elsewhere on the site.


Any topics discussing specific anime can be moved into their individual forum topics and any anime discussions not pertaining to a certain anime can be moved into the "General Anime Discussion" section here on the forums, either in a new topic or an existing topic if one is available.


In order to move your blog information to the forums, note that you'll need to create a separate forum registration ID if you don’t already have one. Currently, the main site and forum registrations are separate. There are plans to merge them in the future, but at this time you must register a seperate forum ID to post.

Aitrus Nov 21, 2013

I agree that a lot of reviewers are too lenient but it's a fine line you have to tread. If you are too critical in a review you might say an anime sucks for a few minor elements that could be easily overlooked but they get hung up on them. Course if you say everything is all peaches and rainbows and love an anime without addressing its flaws you're doing your audience a diservice by not informing them. Mirai Nikki is a great example of this in that its a flawed show and people's enjoyment of it largely hinges on whether they can overlook its faults and enjoy what it does right. I'm that way in that I look at how each part affects the show as a whole and then decide how much something is going to bother me.

Your comment about roriconfan being a dick made me laugh. :P I'm sitting in my college's lounge so I did my best to stifle the laughter. lol I didn't mean to shake up your liking roricon so much but it is always good to be critical of critics and have a wide range of "professional opinions". GRArkada is one of my favorites since I think he strikes a nice balance between anime fan and critic. His is a more "profesional amateur" style which you may or may not like but he does a good job imo.

Sorry to respond back after so long. I don't think I ever got a notice that you had commented and if I don't I never have reason to scrol down and check.

Aitrus Nov 1, 2013

Haha, I saw on your profile you really like roriconfan. I've ran across this guy way more then I can count. I'm not here to bash him or anything but I found it funny you said he was "reliable". More often than not I found him to be the most unreliable reviewer. Not because he writes bad reviews or anything (I think he is a very well spoken inteligent individual) but because he pretty much hates everything. If he rates something you can't determine its quality because he rates EVERYTHING low. It could be a perfectly good series but he gives it a 2/10. Its hard to figure him out because when he does give out high scores it's to totally unexpected shows. Guys hard to figure out. lol

29ActiveDownloads Sep 18, 2013

Ahh, yeah, thanks for the comment (and sorry for the several-month-late-reply) but roriconfan's reviews aren't just geared towards weeding out "good shows" from "mindless enjoyment". While he HAS made decent points in the past, he mostly relies on "hating what's popular" in order to have a different opinion. With the ratio of shows he actually likes to shows he inherently finds repulsive, I'm surprised he even watches anime. I've read several reviews where he seemed to just TRY REALLY HARD TO FIND THINGS TO HATE.

zetsubo666 Aug 17, 2013

Wow they really did it but how can they be so proud of showing the world how empty they are as person I am not sure whether to pity them or to despise them.

Well in the latest episode she didn't think about Eren for once in her entire life which shows she might improve a little. Sure she isn't the worst character but she is certainly extremely overrated. If they want a badass female just give us a female Alcuard it may not be hot but it would be creepy in a good way.

Yeah I looked for the lecture but its buried in the midst of a crap load of pages so I did try but I just don't have the time to go through it all but next time something similar comes up I will post a link. As for Kingdom its nothing special just a good example of an underrated anime being better than an overrated one thats all. Well my strategies and ideas are just common fucking sense really and considering they spent an entire fight just staring at titans being shot in the face with their canons I am guessing that making better canons or portable explosive would have been a really good idea. Also the latest episodes especially are clearly proving how useful a grenade would have been as the female titan just grabs hold of their 'Web' shot out from their 'web' guns and straight up smashes them against the ground. Proving that an intelligent titan can pretty much take out a whole army of elite human veterans.

Couldn't agree more in regards to Otaku culture the funniest thing I remember was an otaku girl saying how 'kawai' something was instead of 'kawaii' such a huge fail. as one means cute the other means scary. Otaku's are not only disgusting and even the anime industry takes the piss out of them but I have to be a closet anime fan because of them and I couldn't even join my anime club at uni because I found them too damn creepy. Cosplayers I can tolerate to some degree but people who go that far I can't even keep a straight face when talking to them. Especially when one of them showed me his hug pillow I didn't know whether to slap some sense into the creepy moron or to run for the hills.

Unfortunately thanks to virtual reality games being one step closer to being made an actual reality otaku culture will only get worse not better. Yeah just reminded myself of how so many series have become over sexualised like seeing a picture of Nami from episode 5 then seeing one of her 500 episodes later when she now dresses like a whore. and got a huge boob job.