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Kagura0chan Jan 3, 2021

I just saw your comment, But YEAH!! Thank you I loved them! You gave me two new amine that I've never even heard of and you gave me a reason to start watching Stine;Gate! Thank you so much!

animeslover Dec 27, 2020

Welcome to Anime-Planet ^.^

Thanks for the follow ✨

following you back! 🍰

And feel free to message me anytime ~

Have a good day/evening! 

NorthPole Nov 25, 2020


Just a reminder to answer your forum PM to give me your picks for your recipient.

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namiisenpai Oct 11, 2020

yes, i've heard that if this season is ended in the correct way it will be amazing, but i kinda don't want it to end..ohh, i started buying the manga of blue spring ride since i heard that parts of the manga had been cut out from the anime and i really wanted to see more of it. so i recommend the manga if you end up liking the anime.

i like games too, i've added you on disc, my name is just anni. i mostly play league and i starrted practicing cs:go a while ago, which games do you play?

and yes i am a collector, i mostly collect manga, dvd's and figures

btw, where are you from? you don't have to answer but only if you want to

- nami

namiisenpai Oct 9, 2020

did you see the cover of aot 4? hange's nose is not hooked >:( it was one of her unique traits though TT

i don't know if you've seen any of these but for romance anime i recommend; blue spring ride, my little monster, maid-sama (i'm reading the manga so idk if the anime is good but i love the manga), love is hard for an otaku (really funny, please watch please watch!), and kaguya sama: love is war (which is also really funny)

do you have any other hobbies/interests besides anime? and are you a collector? :)

- nami