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About Me: A nerdy guy who loves to watch anime in my spare time. I've been watching anime for as long as I can remember. Mostly mecha-themed ones which are a personal favorite of mine nextto BL. Once I reached high school, I began to read manga and even took part in the anime club. I also love listening to KPOP, RP games, watching BL TV shows & films plus writing fanfiction!

Favorite Anime: Cyborg 009, FLCL, Shenkue, Tenchi Muyo, Trigun, Inuyasha, RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne, Death Note, Inuyashiki, Android Kikaider, Gundam franchise, Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? and Outlaw Star.

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kasasagi Jun 26, 2022

Oh, with UC I meant the Universal Century. So things like the original Gundam, Zeta etc. Everything that falls in that timeline^^' 

The XXXG-01W is really neat, I can see why you like it. I have to say I usually tend to like the mobile suits of rivals. My favorite is easily the Sinanju from Gundam Unicorn. It's just very chic xD If I ever get a Gunpla, that would probably be the only set I'd buy. 

kasasagi Jun 21, 2022

Haha, Heero is very cool that's true. I think in Gundam Wing my favorite was Towa, but I admit it has been a while since I've seen Wing, so maybe my taste has changed. 

My favorite Gundam is Turn A and the UC is probably my favorite timeline. :) 

Do you have a favorite Mobile Suit? 

kasasagi Jun 16, 2022

Oh that's cool! 

I've pretty much seen every Gundam series so far, except some of the newer entries. Which is your favorite series / timeline?

And which characters do you crush on? :3

shur1ken Jun 12, 2022

Hi, thanks for the follow!

Moriarty1 Jun 9, 2022

No problem :)