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Tsukuru2 Aug 4, 2023

I grow stronger by eating

psychofoenix Jul 8, 2023

Its clearly not a review, the dude just doesnt like it for whatever reason. Granted, I havent even read it, but if 3,752 people are reading this manhua on this site and has a score of 4, its clear that its farely popular and has decently high score. This dude rated like the thing like it eshould have somthing like 3.2, either the dude has seperate account and like his own comments or people simply just found it funny. I refuse to believe theres no merit in the fact that almost 4,000 people say that its a pretty good comic. From what I can tell before reading, its at least gonna be just another middle of the road cultivation manhua, and at most being slightly above that or more. The dude probably has the former opinion, and shouldve given somthing like a 6.5-7.5 score but i guess if he does not outright like its just bad, and probably felt inclind to give an extra low review to balance out people's clear biases towards cultivation manhua. 

yenekamu48 Apr 19, 2023

Gallahan needs to become someone strong in his own name in order to create his own legacy and strength for Firentia, he needs to protect her but he can only do that while his father Rulac lives, so it is necessary that the great business he is creating is called Gallahan and not lombardi nor firentia.

GoldenFury Mar 24, 2023

You have really good taste in manhwa, I had a look and found some stuff to read, have a nice day! :D

v1ad Mar 21, 2023

Thx for ur comment