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Well, I guess Im your typical guy, I love action, explosions, mayhem, destruction and such with a soft spot for a good love story.  Almost anything Mecha has my name on it, and I will watch anything else thats got action or romance in it.  Im also a sucker for happy endings and I just cant stand when the guy doesnt end up with the girl.

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Raynabananas Apr 27, 2014

Sorry, I forgot about writing that part. :( I took it out. 

Raynabananas Apr 27, 2014

Btw, I edited the article. Hope it's better now :) 

Raynabananas Apr 27, 2014

Hi, thanks for your comment. I did put a (may not be spoiler-free) statement at the top of the article because I wasn't sure if my review would be spoiler free or not. I don't usually write reviews so I don't really know how to set aside my thoughts for things and I don't really know which parts are okay to talk about. I understand though, your viewpoint. I suppose it's my fault really because I'm the kind of person who needs spoilers to decide whether or not I want to watch an anime... for example if I know someone dies in the anime I wouldn't want to watch it because I can't handle that sort of thing. But I get what you mean to be wary of those who don't but I suppose I was just thinking about people like me. Sorry. But I'll try to edit it the best that I can. Thanks again for reading.

babyh Feb 17, 2010

hi, great reviwes...!.. ^_^