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Highschool of the Dead

Aug 20, 2010

If you are a real zombie fan and looking into seeing an anime that is all about zombies, gore, and survival...Look elsewhere. This anime is not about the zombies. It seems the artist was so concentrated on making this as close to a hentai as possible without classifying it as such. Every five seconds (no joke, I'm being literal) there is some kind of ecchi scene. It is really annoying, frustrating, and ruins the hell out of the anime.Not to mention that there are some scenes in which are unrealistic to fighting, but that's not too uncommon in anime's so I won't rate it for that...It's just all the damned ecchi. So if you're looking for zombies, not ecchi, then yeah this is not the anime for you.

4.5/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Uhwhoshereforthefun May 14, 2021

Exactly! That's just everything I said! The anime pisses me the hell off!

findingroses Oct 1, 2016

I completely agree. This anime was less about zombies and more about the female anatomy. 

Mouse94 Nov 3, 2015

Completely agree... tried to watch this but it seems more about making the female characters very sexualised. 

Jehowi Nov 1, 2015

It's supposed to have this much ecchi. It's made by a hentai artist.

K73SK Oct 12, 2010

@Kari5 : Please tell me how you "looked past" the part where the bullets were flying between flopping boobs and legs...Forgot episode #; one of the last ones though.

@Weenie : Agreed. I am a major zombie fan - don't get me wrong. I love zombie stuff, but I also love a story too. This anime, not to mention, had a poor story as well. I did not read the manga, but people are saying the anime fell VERY close to the manga so I can only guess that it is just as poor with the plot. The story continuously jumps from trying to save each others parents to trying to escape the city. Which of the two do they really want? The last episode (spoiler ahead) does indeed show that they want to go back and find their parents - but I can only guess the next 13 episodes will be just as pathetic as the first 13.

I was really tempted to grab all the episodes and cut out every ecchi part so I could see how long each episode would last compared to before...But I figured it'd be a waste of time and anyone who says there isn't a lot of ecchi will continue to say so. So really there's no point of it.