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If you're a fan of the game, you'll be thoroughly disappointed at how the anime was handled...BUT it may have been made in such a rushed, non cohesive manner to get people interested in the game - and with all the questions it leaves, I think it did a good job of that.

While it rushes through and cherry picks things out of the many chapters, it gives a fairly grandiose final episode that makes you want to know more about Evol and hopefully that will bring fans to the game to satisfy the curiosity and fill in those huge gaps.

It's so vague and dry - but no where near as bad as the awful OVAs that Pupa got. At least this makes decent sense and has full length episodes.

Otome games were never my thing, but Love and Producer caught me with it's deep story (Paper Games is really talented at weaving an intricate story from something that seems bland and cliche at first), that I'm devastated at the delay of Love and Deepspace - the future of Evolvers and the world that's changed...I can't wait.

Could you go without watching this and just play the game? Sure, but the grind isn't easy, you won't fly through the story...

Can you just enjoy the anime without the game? I think it's decent, but only if it's in the realm of what you normally enjoy, otherwise it's too lazy on its own.

Was it lovely that the JP version had the game's VAs, as did the Chinese dub? Absolutely. I'm sure game fans will appreciate that especially. Both versions were well executed and the art was fabulous, of course, I just didn't find the anime very enjoyable, as hyped up as it was...

7/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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