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Nov 19, 2016

Nanbaka , a gag comedy anime which takes place in a prison called 'Nanba' which is most famous for its high tech security and no one has ever escaped from that prison. The story includes four characters who are inmates i.e who live together in the prison sharing the same cell. These four people has escaped from all the prisons around the world and thus they are put in this prison. They all have special skills like gambling , problem solving which they use and try to escape from the prison, even thought the prison is situated in the middle of the ocean and the prison's location is unknown. This anime was mainly intended for gags but has its very own moments too. And the most important thing i liked about this anime is that how they used phrases from other anime like the famous 'kamehameha' (if i spelled correctly) and more! And of course they would censor them. 

Lets talk about the animation and sounds. Anime made by Satelight studios who also made the 'Fairy Tail' the animation was very good especially the backgrounds and special effects like how the character always shine with stars around them. The sound was good but not that great.
And about the characters , wow they totally have a huge load of creativity . Characters with colorful hair and eyes , tall , short , buff , thin and more. But some characters like Nico and Seitarou , for me it really took some time to realise that if they were men or women...haha. And in this anime many male characters have really long hair and wear lipsticks and such , so don't get confused like me and think that they are women...lol.
Overall , this is a really good anime considering its gags and whole bunch of references to other anime. If you want some laughter and wanna see the most amazing characters which you probably haven't seen in any other anime , you have to watch this!

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.1/10 overall

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