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Pretty much the same stuff as 99% of this type of webcomic; interesting initial concept and good art, but painfully mediocre and subpar everthing else. Almost all the characters are predicitable, unlikeable, and uninteresting, and pretty much the same with the story, plot, themes, etc. Saying it's good because "it does well" compared to other trash rpg isekais is like calling someone smart because they can outwit a fish; the bar is just too low to compare it. The emptiness of this story makes it feel like any other progression webcomic that follows this similar format. In fact, it's pretty much the embodiment of the Buzz lightyear clones meme, but idk maybe this "buzz lightyear" is shinier than the rest, but who can tell?

Truth to be told, if you're one of those people who doesn't really give much of a shit about the details and aspects of a story, and would just like to read it as a light popcorn story, you probably won't care about what I have to say, and you'd probably enjoy it. That's ok, I was like that too, and 12-year-old me would've definitely enjoyed this story since I didn't give a shit. If you're not that type of person, then I wouldn't strongly recommend it.

Lastly, I was gonna give it a generous 4/10, but then I saw someone say

"the novel makes me smile so wide and go 'kyaa kyaa'"

Yeah, no the causality of this story literally just gave me a brain tumor; 0/10 for me.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
1/10 overall

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saksmt Aug 8, 2022

I'm actually amazed at people writing "I gave it a chance and endured, but it didn't get better" - you do undersdand that story covered by webtoon can't even be qualified as an introduction, progression-wise, right? Well, yeah it's probably not fair to rate story of webtoon based on story in light novel, but it's so unexpectedly brutal and brutally unexpected that it's just wrong to say story is "subpar". And it also a bit strange of those who read novel to go "kyaa kyaa" or smile at all. But that's probably kind of a spoiler. As for story in first 100 or so chapters of webtoon - yeah it is generic, but it isn't bad - it's motivated and parts that aren't actually part of bigger plot which isn't covered yet and it makes you go "whoaaa, so that's why!". As for characters and their development - they are mostly generic, but on a level that all people to some degree ARE generic in their behavior and at least it doesn't go to tropes that are already hated by everyone in existence. And again if you see those chapters as merely introduction and world-building it actually is awesome in a sense that it takes pretty worn-to-shreds concept and just uses it to make lengthy introduction not boring to read and boy-oh-boy you'll miss this lighthearted chapters down the plot.Thats probably why it isn't suited for "12-year-old"s and if I'm not mistaken has R-18 rating (blood, gore, violence, ...). Lastly, for those mentioning Mushoku Tensei - similarity holds-up like for at most 5 chapters (if you exclude that insane level of pervertion of MC in Mushoku Tensei).

signedupjustforyou Aug 8, 2022

 I'm honestly not in a good mood so ill let out all my anger on you

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO READ,BITCH,ARE YOU ILLITERATE.your the type person to say the every action manhwa is a clone of Solo Leveling so id advise you to go and learn to read properly because it could be useful later on in life,oh,wait,you're probably a 39 year old person with nothing to do but hate on webcomics.You're talking about how the characters and the story are predictable, unlikeable and uninteresting,bitch please,come again.you say "Saying it's good because "it does well" compared to other trash rpg isekais is like calling someone smart because they can outwit a fish",I could say it's on the same level as Solo Leveing or any other popular webcomic and anyone else would agree and i bet you couldn't even outwit a fiish.You say it feels like any other progression webcomic,clearly you haven't been reading for too long.the second paragraph is all bullshit so im not gonna waste my time reading that over.then you go on to say you were going to give it a generous 4/10,really,seriously,but you changed the score because of a comment you just so happen to come across,really,bitch really.this comment right here gave me stage five brain cancer.no one really needed your opinion,you could've said "the webcomic is not to my liking" or something but nooooo,you had to write a whole paragraph on it,you wrote your paragraph,so i wrote mine.

You're probably fatherless,furtherless an orphan cause it seems youv'e been deprived of love cause you wanna make other peoples lives miserable by reading this bullshit.

You can report the comment or do whatever you do on this website cause i created this account just for this so do what you want,and ps this is my opinion,you can disagree,agree whatever you want to do just don't reply to this cause i wont see it,and im not saying you cant have your own opinions ,just say it nicely or else someone would reply with a comment not to your liking.

anyways,thanks for reading this for and fuck yall who disagree

Animejoint Aug 4, 2022

I read the whole thing and I can gaurantee you your assumption that the story isnt complex is extremly ignorant.

Davidsem8 Jun 2, 2022

I read novel, and wait becuse it gets really good. 

JustAnimeFan Mar 28, 2022

This is excellent, I don't know why you people put so much hate on it, I mean why not look at solo leveling it has many copies of it while beginning after the end has only so little because of how detailed the story really is and how much effort is put in the story and art, the artist probably is very happy with his work. Instead of putting hate, why not just say one thing nice instead of putting a hate comment on a masterpiece