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Demon Slayer is probably the most consistent Anime out there in terms of quality, but it shouldn't blow you away.

Nothing about it is revolutionary. But it's an extremely safe pick, as despite the unoriginality, the execution remains great throughout the story. This is EXACTLY what a lot of Anime fans want. A simple Anime with very good animation and artstyle. It's not much to ask for actually. Most major animation Studios could pull something like this off consistently, but for whatever reason many of them either fall short in the animation department (when that's literally their job lol), or the Studios animate totally pointless and terribly-written material. In this season specifically, there's one or two anime which stand out for their good artstyles, but extremely mind-numbing stories. Guess which I'm referring to!

I wish Demon Slayer influenced the baseline standards in the Anime industry. Things don't have to be overly complicated to be good. Demon Slayer is proof of that. For a Shounen Anime, this really exceeds the current standards, and it's a fact that Demon Slayer was a very profitable IP so far.

Now imagine these animations, but paired with an actually unique and above-average story. Everyone would be losing their minds, and such an Anime could probably become more popular than the Bible!

So, there is some unspent potential with this Anime, but you'd have to be very ungrateful to complain despite seeing these visuals! I like the story, but holy **** how much I love the way everything looks!

5/10 Story,

10/10 Animation,

7/10 Characters,

8/10 Overall.

Few extra comments: 

I feel like stuff is getting a little bit stale with these demons, and how often there's someone there to help at the exact second they are needed, I'm almost getting Fairy Tail vibes, but obviously that's not necessarily bad. At least not in this case. The action-packed story goes very well with the great animation and artstyles. That's more than enough to satisfy me, but if you choose to look beyond the animation then yeah you might not like things as much.

I'm also really happy that the humour has gotten a bit better from the Entertainment District Arc. Back then it felt more like some 'filler within canon' kinda shit where through having very few fillers in the Show, they tried sneaking a few in DURING the actual fighting. Which in my opinion kinda ruined the mood, tension and pacing of a few moments throughout the Arc. It's not a big deal, but it's what bothered me the most in Demon Slayer so far. Which obviously is pretty good.

5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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