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Jan 26, 2012

Toriko is what one would call a hardcore shounen anime. It does bare much resemblance to One Piece (as they are by the same creator) i.e. all the bad guys look like they're from a circus, when people attack they have their attack names in fancy font down below and the power gauge is really, really high. (by that i mean the raw power the main character and the people around him generally posses in comparison to other anime). 

It revolves around a relatively simple, but truly mind blowing storyline. It talks of the world in the Gourmet age, where everything centers around food, there are entire cities composed of restaurants and drink vending machines that have star ratings according to the quality of their drinks. But that's not the main part of the story, the story focuses on the ingredients, in this "gourmet age" the anime speaks of there are highly evolved animals and monsters, all with a different difficulty of capture, the people who capture these ingredients are given a special title, Bishoukuya. They all have special powers and strengths that allow them to butcher monsters and dive in the deepest oceans, yet all this is done with the greatest respect.

This is an anime that never leaves you bored and you're always wondering what the next ingredient is, is it a giant cob of corn that when even one kernel is roasted, it pops into enough popcorn for 100 people? Or maybe a delicate tuna that is so rare that once it's killed, it turns into bubbles in 7 days if you don't eat it, or is it a rainbow fruit, that changes texture and taste 6 times in your mouth? The creations of food from this anime wonderful, creative and if you love food i HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for you, when people eat, the narrator breaks down the taste for you in addition to you having to look at the inhumanly tasty food.

Although do not be fooled, the anime does not lack it's portion of action, i must say the fighting is very similar to one piece, but thankfully, do not tend to last long, the fun part is that the main character may fight a beast or another human, this mixes it up a little bit and makes it interesting. 

The downfalls of this show is that i find it slightly... ever so slightly bara. That's right, if you're a seasoned anime viewer you should be able to spot different kinds of fanservice when you see it and the scene may bother you. i would also not recommend it for those who cannot stand annoying characters because this anime has a few of them, the male characters in this show generally rock but i can't say the same for the females (not to be sexist of course). The flow of the episodes is also slightly corny and so are the emotional scenes, but it's humour and single-mindedness to see amazing food really does outweigh the rest of the down sides. 

I'm proud to say the anime has almost no fillers. Though coming back to the characters they all have very strong, prominent personalities (shounen style) and in my opinion are pretty well crafted, the art is... again, very hardcore shounen, most of the guys have bulging muscles and bright clothing, the girls have huge boobs and when people cry you know their whole face is going to be bathing in tears. 

This is an enjoyable anime if you simply want to sit back and enjoy, it doesn't give you too much to think about and is very creative and unique, the story keeps coming and i assure you won't be bored, for it keeps you laughing, drooling and wanting more as you go. 

9.5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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