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Angel Beats!

May 11, 2011

Every time i watch animes or TV shows or movies or even when i read books, when it gets sad the most i ever do is shed a tear or two, but in Angel Beats i brawled my eyes out, complete with sobbing. it was a very, very emotional show with an in depth storyline and an array of beautiful, detailed characters, each with his/her own story.

At first it may not seem like much, it was very vague and not very straight forward, but you don't have to wait very long to understand it. Basically it's about a bunch of teens who are dead, and stubborn to fight against god who gave them an unfair death and don't want to "move on" and reincarnate. What i love about this show is that you can see somebody's background just by the way they act, they're facial expression and all the little things they do make up and relate to their overall character. There is Yuri, who is the smart and decisive, but stubborn leader of the Battlefront of teens that don't want to move on, Hinata, who is the mellow, reliable baseball nut, Noda, who listens to no other than Yuri and is brash and loud, Shiina (who is so funny by the way) who is serious and mysterious and of course TK the dancing senseless, english muttering gunner.

Even though it seems serious it is in fact a light-hearted show, with humour and well placed romance the episodes mostly show the daily lives of how they rebel against life itself. During the Yui episode, where Hinata helped her move on was the episode i brawled out at when he said he'd marry her, i was so touched by how he so cornily monologued why and how exactly it would happen that i was basically crying throughout the whole thing, it was hands down my most emotional anime experiance.

Another character i wanted to talk about was Iawsawa, the leader of the band Girls DeMo in the show, i liked how on the surface she just seems like a girl who plays the guitar but if you look closely something about her expression or the way they draw her standing or talking that to her, music is something more than free meal tickets.

Music wise i have almost all of the Girls DeMo songs, which gives you a hint about how much i love the music of the show, the band's songs are usually used to symbolize happiness or how much music means to the person singing. Besides that the soundtrack is somewhat sad, somewhat hopeful, the piano in the back of both the opening and the ending was a good idea.

This show is one i would remember for a long time and taught me many life lessons about giving in, loving and appreciating life, but mainly the show is about admitting to yourself your faults, your past, and telling yourself you can live with it, after all, that's the secret of moving on.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
10/10 overall

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