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Just another casual anime/manga consumer (I am kind of veteran watcher, 13+ years of watching/reading)

I mostly watch fantasy, adventure, comedy, action shows but also other genres if I get interested or if they are highly recommended

I love some trashy shows as well and sometimes binge-watch them for amusement 

Regarding my preferences when watching the shows the enjoyment level is the most important factor for me, what that means is that show can be utter trash but if I find some enjoyment in it it will get a better score overall. I love fantasy and comedy genres the most and such types of shows attract me primarily every season. I have watched most of the good old classics and modern classics so I like to think that I have somewhat good judgment in rating shows. To some old, nostalgic shows, I give one score grade more either they deserved it or not.

If you want some recommendation you can hit me up, I will be glad to provide you some great choices for sure                                                                                                                                             

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An1meDweeb Dec 28, 2021

Hey, thanks for giving that a read~

Ngl I've seen people write a lot more on other platforms, but shorter opinion pieces seem to be the norm here on Anime Planet. Personally I think there's room for both forms of discourse. I do realise that this Tonikaku review comes across as a hate piece, but it stems from a genuine attempt at offering explanations for why some shows fail while others succeed. There's really no gain for me in making a 2K word rant just to anger fans. Rather, a part of my goal is to offer a hater's perspective, so that fans can better understand the stuff they consume. With this in mind, I don't think we should limit ourselves from talking about the things we dislike. Understanding personal tastes is a process that involves both the good and bad, so it's only fair that the critical folk (should they choose to do so) thoroughly approach both kinds of media.

That being said, you're spot-on about me having too much free time with these writeups XD

wowimsatan May 14, 2021

Damn,,, impressive collection! And Saiki and parasyte are definitely 5 stars!

gillgrunt Feb 1, 2021

I respect your opinion as well and see how you like the relarionship and comedy parts. The reason i rated sound a 4 is mostly because it had good backround music but nothing really stood out to me and was memorable. Some anime tracks that i would rate a 10 go way more for me(i.e kevin penkin in shield hero) but in magnus i did not get any memorable moments where i listened to the ost and said wow. Keep in mind im not judging the OP and ED purly the backround music for the anime