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standardscore Mar 30, 2021

didn't you comment on multiple characters saying harems are dumb or something 

Lyr27 Mar 30, 2021

I don't expect you to like them, I was being sarcastic. 

They might actually be some of the worst anime ever made

Lyr27 Mar 29, 2021

Oh, that makes sense. I've never watched a dubbed show while it's airing, so I wouldn't know what it's like. 

Have you seen Mars of Destruction or Tankuu Danzai Skelter Heaven? I just finished them, would definitely recommend them. Probably the best anime ever made, if I'm being honest

Lyr27 Mar 29, 2021

Oh, I've been enjoying them too. I'm excited to see where the spider one goes, since I've thought that a lot of the first 12 episodes were really boring