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Welcome to my page. I am Japanese.

Freely talk anime, manga and other things.

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 My website and blog(mainly write anime, game, food and so on. This is an attempt to enable to see Japanese life.)

My site

My blog

my favorite songs

anime goods collection

If you have a request about my site, write a comment without hesitating.

Black Clover


Eagle washi sabunosuke(イーグル・ワシ・サブノスケ) from Parodius Da!(パロディウスだ!)

Horror scene from Doraemon

Gokinjo Boukentai(ごきんじょ冒険隊) 

About this

Manga from Metal slader glory

LOVE QUEST(Video game whose absurdity is famous in Japan.)

Oyacorn's manga

Instant Milan style doria.(Doria is Italian dish, Though it's said not to be in Italy.XD)

 Garfield's 40th anniversary lasagna



Large picture of this

Absurd sentence from Polish textbook.(Though I don't know if this is fun for you.)

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Sette Sep 2, 2019

Gold Morníng

My avatar is from Adventure Time its The Litch in one  of the episodes when they didnt knew who was him

issi Oct 29, 2018

goodness jmonk <3!! it's so crazy to hear from you again, it's been way too long! hi!! it's been good, not much has changed <3 everything has kind of stayed in its place. and yourself? fill me in!

Szejmi Feb 28, 2018

Thanks for follow. 
Sorry for my late reply but I really rarely visit this page.

agus196 Jun 23, 2017

Okey. That's it. You've probably achived the highest level of knowing the language when you start teaching native speakers :D

I've litteraly just now discovered that there is a word "wychodźca" checking it in google. Never had heard that one in my entire life. More common (or one and only used in real life) is "uchodźca" or just "emigrant/imigrant". Even now when it's a popular topic in european media, they don't use such a word. And i also read much, so this word is probably just forgotten.

By the way, you would not believe reading my poorly skilled english speeches but lately I received my english certificate of language proficiency on C1 level. And i'm really proud of it :)

PS: check this out: . I don't know if there's any piece of real translation but it's pretty funny :D

agus196 Jun 8, 2017

Yeah, you'd probably get that prefix right on your own haha. Sorry, i couldn't help ;)

Just one thing, there's no such a word in polish like "wychodźca", there is "uchodźca" if you think about emigrants.