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Kisu mo dekinakatta

Dec 5, 2018

Why the five stars if I didn't rate 10/10?

Well, first of all, the art it's not my favorite, but I've seen worst, I think thats the only think that really affects my opinion of this manga.

The couple it's a pair of friends, Sagara and Hibiki, and when Sagara has a heartbreak for the first time, Hibiki is there to mend it all, but, oh no! Emotions and feelings that Hibiki cannot supress anymore ended with him leaving the room for the whole night and Sagara with a confused heart, because even if he wanted Hibiki to confort him as the vice dorm leader, since the beginnig it was Hibiki who attract him.

Yep, now it's Sagara trying to love Hibiki the best he can, and realize that love does not feels always the same, and depending the person, you can discover new aspects of yourself.

Well, up I painted the manga like a deep and moving way to know your heart and stuff, but it's not exactly like that, c'mon!, they're teenagers that have sex in school, there is a bit of misunderstandings and a bit of spicy, so it's interesting in it's own way.

9/10 story
8.5/10 art
9/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
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