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Jul 11, 2019

Beautiful story that follows a gay couple throughout their entitle lives together, starting with them as childhood friends in elementary school  and ending with them as an elderly married couple that die happy and loved. The first volume is hard to read at points and the material is pretty graphic even from the first chapter, so I would not suggest this manga to people who have a hard time with themes of pedophilia or assault. There were several moments early on that were a bit too dramatic and even cringy at points which drew me away from the story, but as the story progressed those moments vanished completely. I became emotionally invested with the characters by the end of the first volume.

By the second volume, the characters become more mature and the tone of the manga shifts to accommodate for an adult point of view. While the first volume seemed rushed when it came to emotional reactions or storytelling, the rest of the manga slows down considerably and becomes more decisive and wholesome.

“Complex” is the perfect title for this manga. All of the characters go through major changes and face consequences for foolish, completely human, but nonetheless preventable mistakes and they grow from one another to become the best people they can be. 

The main couple, for all of their troubles, go about their conplications and changes in healthy ways, which is refreshing to see in the yaoi genre which is so packed with drama and unhealthy relationships. They are a couple that others, no matter what orientation, should take away from. 

The art is pretty standard but doesn’t detract from the story. It’s not a particularly new or memorable art style, but it does it’s job and never ever looks rushed, half assed, or inconsistent. Much like how the story is told, the art style becomes much more mature as the characters age and the bubbly, highly stylized characters seem to level out into less assuming depictions as the story moves forward.

I would highly recommend this manga to anyone who wants a wholesome yet investing love story and doesn’t mind waiting a few chapters for the tone to become serious. It’s very touching, and I cried multiple times on my first read, especially towards the end.

8/10 story
7/10 art
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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