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Hooked up in 04. I had inadvertently watched a little on tv in the early 90s as well. Speed racer was the first. A traumatic experience. Animatrix was the earliest, in a sense that I knew, that this one was an anime, and enjoyed it. Founded a club(several dozens of members, who gathered a few times a week) back in my fan-days, in mid 05. I had continually supplied my own local anime server, reaching almost 3ters (riffled through all of em too). That was years before the HD+ era came to modernize anime-world.  Practically abandoned Asian animation on April 08, and had stopped keeping a close watch during 12, but managed to get acquainted with oodles of titles still.

I am a big sports anime aficionado. And enjoy almost any realistic and ripe titles as well. Always on lookout for arthouse and avant-garde stuff too. Not often I do manage to unearth something worth watching these days. Not even amvs striking my fancy much now. That's why I returned to cinema for the most part. But prefer well-made animation regardless of the country of origin even today ;).

 Started reading manga profusely in late 09 and novellas in 16. 

P.S. Feel free to check out my novel in progress:

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soldacool May 10, 2023

English trad is so far its annoying

CallMeZayda Mar 16, 2023


Tbh I had no idea that somone had the same username as me on DevianArt, I think thats kinda funny! However I dont use DevianArt I only post on Instagram. If its that much of a problem I could always change my username, Its just a handle though. 

Thank you for thinking my goals Are worth it! Sadly my folks arent artist and tend to tell me to put my time towards something else, which means im sadly not going to art college (Im in 12 grade a senior currently) however that doesnt mean im going to stop doing art! Im self taught and have come a long way! Im going to take art as a minor and Keep working on my comic!

For how long it will take i think it depends on the genre! Im doing a fantasy Magic type of world which means I need to world build. It also depends if your adding new species of plants or monsters because you have to make laws in the world for them such as food sorurce etc. Its a lot longer to write a whole new world instead of something like a slice of life. That doesnt mean however one is better then the other. All generes of comics still have a lot of time to put into. It also takes longer if you have a lot of stuff going on as well. For me I not only have my last year of high school to keep up on but im also fighting a chronic illness which means lots of doctors appoitments. 

So for me i think its gonna take about maybe a year for me to finish up with the story. I have a lot of the world planned out but as I write more I think of more ideas that would be really cool to have. 

My dad used to be a HUGE Anime fan so I grew up with Sailor moon, Gundam, Ranma 1/2 etc. So 80's- 90s anime was like the thing i grew up with so ive always been really ineteresed in that type of time. Im also a person who LOVES Retro games. 

And for the last question yes i am a native english speaker but i move around a lot so i know some other laungages as well! 

Taek Feb 20, 2023

Hey man, sorry about the delay in replying! No, I haven’t managed to maintain the full strength I gained from the program, though I have had a few injuries between now and then which have definitely caused me some setbacks. However, even if my 1RM is not at the point it was when finishing the program, my 8RM and 5RM are massively improved from where they were before, so there is definitely some strength gain. That could also be down to improved technique too, as doing a movement so frequently like that definitely helps with your technique.

After 3 weeks, the gains were pretty significant. My previous 1RM was 140kg on bench press, but by the time I started smolov, I was probably only around 130 for a poor rep. I was repping 140 on the heavy days by week 3. I rested 4 days before maxing out, though I still trained during those days, I didn’t do any kind of chest work beyond a small amount of push ups.

The volume is huge, I tried it a couple of months later with back squats and 2 weeks into the program my knee gave way and it hasn’t been the same since and that is purely down to the sheer amount of heavy volume I was doing (alongside poor recovery, probably). The program sets the weight out for you, the first week is a 2.5kg increase, the second is a 5kg increase. I was, and still do, take creatine every day during the program.

Overall I'm not sure I'd recommend it unless you were preparing for a powerlifting meet or something and you had one lift that was really lagging behind the others.

WanderingOtaku Dec 12, 2022

MC himself call himself idiot 

bro, do you even know what sarcasm means...

OkamiHime95 Jun 4, 2022

Yeah, but I've been trying to get back into other interests for awhile this year, (because I'm not just interested in anime...) been dealing with personal irl issues, being constantly tired, been dealing with health issues in the family, so I am constantly stressed in some varying degree (not just because of that, but don't feel like getting into it...), and then because I can only watch certain anime on certain platforms, that's part of why my numbers seem "small." For a long time this year, I just got too overwhelmed and had "anime burnout", so that's a big reason... Anyway, I realize my goal might be "insane" to most, and the way I'm currently going, I realize I might not even obtain it, but that's fine with me. I consider myself passionate about anime for sure, but I just haven't had as much time to watch it as I would like. 

I've never even heard of it, to be honest. Then again, if it's an online game, I wouldn't play it anyway lol.. (LONG, complicated story.) Yeah, it is really a shame about her passing. I was extremely sad when I originally found out about it. :( I don't have much hopes for the TV show that they were planning.

Idk how it works in other countries, or if even other countries have it, but here in the USA, during the Summer, libraries hold "Summer Reading programs" for people to join if they so wished. They're mainly directed at kids & teens, but they have some for adults too. For mine, you can win prizes depending on how much you've read. Though there isn't a "set" amount that you have to read, if that makes sense. Yeah, you "compete" against other people that are in the program. Each year there is a "theme", but that mostly applies for the kiddo's. I believe this year manga, light novels, comic books, and magazines count toward one's reading progress, other than "regular" books, but I will have to check to be 100% certain. I wasn't able to join last year, but I'm hoping by this Sunday or Monday that I'm able to. I used to read for HOURS and HOURS as a little girl, but ever since I got glasses a few years ago, that's kinda dwindled some... However, I got a good haul of Batman comic books last month, so that ought to help me in the reading program lol. :P