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So, I went into this expecting a love story where one of our main protagonists deals with pancreatic cancer. I was expecting to be hit in the feels and was. Let's move on to the review.

The plot for this Anime was pretty straight forward and very much conveyed the mental state of someone who is putting up a front to protect others from their own battles and demons. Sakura is a girl who has been diagnosed with cancer where by chance she encounters our nameless protagonist who we later find out it is actually called Haruki (so not nameless). We follow along as these two polar opposites interact and help each other grow as people while participating in fun activities and adventures. But, like most forms of cancer Sakura has been given a time frame before she dies, And this is when the anime plot progresses with her and Haruki, living with her dying and getting the most out of life before she dies, even if its just hanging out in a library or going to a cafe.

I want to eat your pancreas had beautiful backgrounds and art that is no less then breathtaking each scene is a delicate touch that just brings the emotion to life. The characters are plain but that in no way means that the designs aren't brilliantly done.

I thought the voice actors chosen for this anime were perfect, they were successful in having that ability to bring the characters to life - no more can be said well done!


Sakura - I didn't know what to expect with her and I didn't know if she was going to be fitting that cookie cutter mould. I suppose some of her traits were, but what I really loved about Sakura was her ability to change the people around her even when she was diagnosed she didn't let that change who she was nor did it stop her from doing the things she loved. Her character was very accurate to how I would expect people in real life to act - putting up a tough front around others and alone she would cry, she clearly has come to terms that she will eventually die and even though she does bring it up she smiles through the pain but as we see her more and more we learn that on the inside she's terrified, terrified to die to hurt others to leave behind those who are special and that's why I think the writers perfectly portrayed that emotion of 'living with dying'.

Haruki - On the other hand we have our other protagonist the one whose perspective we're seeing. Haruki has had trouble with people constantly thinking in his mind that no one likes him. which has caused him to separate himself from society. He was constantly keeping to himself and himself alone until that fateful day where he met Sakura. What I loved about Haruki was his CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. He went through so many changes in the few months where he met Sakura, who wanted nothing more than to help him change - break out of his bubble and rejoin society. We see him through his best and worse moments and by the end of the film. (SPOILER) He's finally able to accept himself and the world around him even without having Sakura there anymore. So yeah good job my boy.

Overall this was a beautiful tragedy and I highly recommend.

Thanks for reading <3

8.5/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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