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Neukris Oct 9, 2015

Yup, light novels are basically just books (made less words). Though, there is one picture per chapter o/

I'm not sure what you mean by face to face? If you meant as in cam, then I didn't mean that. Not to mention, I don't even have cam. I meant we would use Skype to talk through mics there (facepalms). Well, depends if you mean English or Japanese songs o/ Though I would definitely want to sing "I'll make a man out of you" and "Spooky Scary Skeletons" XD

Hmm... Maybe, maybe.

You only like Summer because of the break? Such a turn-off! D: I like Summer because it's warm and I don't have to wear much, so I feel free :3 I also like Winter though!


Lying is not nice to begin with, so I wouldn't call it bad trait :p

I'm 5'8, though that's still below average in my country u u

I'm honest and reliable, but mischievous and cynical (sometimes) :c

3 - Hachikuji from Monogatari series

4 - Mami from Madoka Magica

5 - Irisviel from Fate/Zero

6 - The Lamia from Monster Musume (I didn't actually watch it)

8 - Mami from Madoka Magica XD

9 to 10 - Shiina from Sakurasou

11 - Miku! :3

12 - Shinobu from Monotagari series

13 - Ibuki Suika (duh) from Touhou

14 - Wanko from Majikoi

Neukris Oct 8, 2015


I completely forgot to link it in my last comment, so I made an extra comment for it XD

Can you guess all the characters? Also, the picture I drew today was the Lamia (6th picture)!

Neukris Oct 8, 2015

There is no manga, sadly :( But the light novel is still fun! Or at least, to me~

Oooh?! So you finished the manga too? *Eye shine* Well, I'm glad you are glad ^-^

Hmm... I think Skype would be the best choice. Do you have skype? :o

I stopped drawing because I just felt like it. It's true that I'm busy a bit, since I live mainly alone, but I don't think the time is problem here. I just think I'm not cut for it XD (even though I just drew something today, I'm such a hypocrite)!

Random question time~!

What's your favorite season?

How tall are you?

If you had to name 2 of your good and bad traits, what would they be? :o

Well, see you later o/

Neukris Oct 6, 2015

Of course I remember you! You're the Hans guy! XD (You know what I mean)

I would highly recommend the light novel, I read only one extra volume, but so far it has been interesting. And yes, Mora can be quite annoying >.>

Maid-sama hmm? I really liked it a lot. I also read manga because it continued and they actually ended up together~ It was really lovely! If you ever feel like reading manga, you should definitely read that one... As for me favorite anime/genre, here: :3

Hey, wanna sing together then (either together in sync, or taking turns)? :D I used to draw, but not anymore (though I can still show you some of my art, if you want)~ I write a lot too, but I usually end up dropping my story, and then I write a new one and then I drop it again... >.<

Not at all, the pleasure is all mine. I would love to be friends with you o/

Neukris Oct 2, 2015


I'm glad someone agrees with me on that o/. Hans was like, the exact opposite of Mora, who blamed Adlet until the very end XD

Also, I'm reading light novel, since the anime was so interesting \o/ It's pretty cool

Either way, what's your favorite anime? And what are your hobbies overall? Mine are mostly singing, going outside, watching anime and reading.

Well, for now take care :3