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Princess Tutu

Aug 2, 2012

The story for Princess Tutu was simply brilliant. It takes place in a town where stories become reality and the author named Drosselmeyer is behind the story that is currently being told. He is guiding all of the characters through the story and thats what the anime is showing you. It revolves around a duck who was turned into a girl by Drosselmeyer with the purpose of being the main character of the story.

Princess Tutu combines fairy tales and ballet to tell the story in this world and it is beautifully done. What I liked most about it is that this is a change from typical magical girl anime. This is NOT all sunshine and butterflies, there are some very dark parts in the series, with others just being flat out tragic. Using the ballet theme they get to show emotions through dancing and sometimes even fighting as well.

The music in Princess Tutu is mostly ballet and it flows with the series in a special way. So many popular ballet songs are used like Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker just to name a couple.

The dub is mostly great. Luci Christian as Duck and Chris Patton as Fakir take up the large part of the dialogue in the series which is never a bad thing. Mythos voice is a little off at times I think but as a whole it was very well done.

The characters in Princess Tutu are full of life and very diverse. Drosselmeyer is the one writing the story and is very manipulative whenever he wants to be. Mythos doesn't have a heart so he is emotionless. Duck is a very determined and dynamic main characters, especially in the realm of female leads. Even the side characters are full of life with the main one being Mr. Cat who is Duck's Ballet teacher. He manages to be silly most of the time but when his students ask him serious questions he is quick to show that he is wise and indeed a great teacher. One of the most entertaining supporting characters ive come across in a while.

Final Thoughts - Princess Tutu is a unique show that displays great writing with a rich cast of characters. The title can deter some male viewers but do not be deceived, this is a must watch and it is well worth the time for anyone who likes a great story. My favorite part is just how the story is laid out. Having an anime that is a story within a story is somethng i haven't come across and seeing that the writers had so much control over this is a breath of fresh air for me being that a lot of anime fail to be consistant with storytelling. Princess Tutu has the power to be hilarious one second and dramatic the next without any awkward feeling. I feel its way ahead of anything that ive either seen or heard about in its genre. So if you've been going back and forth on whether to watch this series, just go for it. you'll thank yourself later.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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