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Abarenbo Honey

May 14, 2019


I really came to love the omegaverse trope and everything, but I almost always see its biggest flaw: rape being seen as a good thing.  Like NO!!!!!

I read more after the first chapter, thinking it would acknowledge the rape and everything and see it as the monstrous crime that it is, but it does it again in like chapter five.  It really irates me, and that was when I dropped it.  I WILL NOT TOLERATE A MANGE THAT SAYS THAT RAPE IS A GOOD/ROMANTIC/SEXY THING.

I will not.  I didn’t really enjoy the artwork.  At times, it was really nice but most of the time it feels incomplete, like it was drawn a couple of hours before the deadline.  I get that some people find this aesthetic pleasing and really enjoy mangas this way, but I don’t.  It’s not my aesthetic and therefore I don’t enjoy it

0.1/10 story
3.8/10 art
1.4/10 characters
0.2/10 overall
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