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GOCRenn Aug 1, 2012

Uuhuhuuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh it is Butthead.

Well Mihawk and I go to school together. He is always trying to stalk me, and he follows me to my car alot.He is always tryin to write fanfiction about us.

Mcbearz Jul 31, 2012

Sup! Lol. I'm actually in my 20's ^^. 97 is up there for S&G.

Acck! It's hard for me to pick a favorite artist of any kind of music I listen to. But for k-pop it's gotta be Sentimental Scenery or Seo In Guk. You? :D

AnimeFreakMiva Jul 31, 2012

The characters are from my favorite anime AND Manga series Soul Eater! I'm sure you've heard about it!

It's really good and the story is amazing! A little thing is, either you love it or you hate it and i love it!I have a hard time with one of the side-characters but the main characters; Maka and Soul ( especilly Soul!!) is my all time favorites!

I will make a top 10 of my favorite male anime characters on youtube during this week, if you want to see my top 10 favorite male anime character ten tell me and i will tell you were it is :))

also, the anime Special A have i also seen, but i do agree it is an amazing anime! I love Tadashi and Akira and Megumi and Yoshiro ( Forgot his name -.-)

vashtriguner Jul 25, 2012

Well honestly ive never been real outgoing online just browsing so i noticed that your bio said you like vocaloid's so I knew we shared a common interest besides anime. My favorite Miku song is really hard to say but one of my favorite's is Happy Lab, it's funny because I was more of a classical or instrumental person but I just love the fact that everyone is able to make their own music with the Vocaloid software instead of one person. Maybe that's why theirs so much distinction with it because it's not held down by what's popular and people are able to make what they think is good to them.

GOCRenn Jul 24, 2012

That "only" was meant to be an "online"