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My Best Friends On A-P: malign ♥ Katoire

My Interests: Fashion ♥ Linguistics ♥ Politics ♥ Astronomy ♥ Music

My Beliefs: Absolute Social Equality ♥ Socialist Tax Distribution ♥ Eternal Optimism ♥ Vegetarianism ♥ Agnosticism 

My Music: Rock ♥ Metal ♥ Korean Pop ♥ Japanese Pop ♥ Electronic Dance ♥ VOCALOID ♥ Low Fidelity Hip Hop 

My Spirit Animal: Masami Iwasawa of Angel Beats!

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One more thing! My idol duo, RKO, debuts on Youtube in November of 2018 or even earlier! Please check us out!

Bonbon Regular

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Amirotheninja Aug 27, 2018

Your right. Shion just scares the hell out of me.  Psycho is kinda sexy tho

JapchaeNoodles Aug 19, 2018

Guys, I'm making a new account for personal reasons. You can find me at @MagicShop! 

x) JapchaeNoodles

sushisushisushi Aug 19, 2018

no problem :D

aw good on you then :D its good your doing that well xD way better then me. but ill try xD hahahah. hmmm sounds dreamy xD good luck my friend hahaha. 

Image result for anime gif girls nose bleed hahah jk :b

sushisushisushi Aug 16, 2018

:D sweet? oh no no my friend just like you i feel the need to say thank you when anyone follows me back :b but yes i understand what you mean :D

oh well... not much im at school right now but nothing happening -_- so its kinda boring tbh xD but yeah im fine thanks :3 how about you??

Image result for anime gif bow

Katoire Aug 16, 2018

I'm sorry I spammed you with two messages last time.  I tried to delete one of them but it didn't work until today for  some reason.  I was already a bit scared that I accidentally blocked you in the process, because there was some confusion ... but now it seems to be fixed and I didn't block you and I can finally breathe easy again. :P  

Ah, so it does involve acting! Nice! :)  I bet you're gonna have fun there ... at least I hope you will. 

Wait. I'm confused.  I could have sworn brat was the other person mentioned on your profile earlier.  Both brat and malign are my followers too and I follow them back.  Did you just change your mind about which one of them you consider your best friend on A-P or could it be ... brat and malign are one and same person? :P  I'm just curious.  You don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable in any way ...  I just like to stick my nose where it doesn't belong ... :P