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Jun 3, 2019

For starters it's cliche asf. Many generic troups are reused; hell even my friend (who's got actual autism) has written a similar story thats got more depth than this sh*t.

Main plot:

Random storm in the middle of the sea hits ship hard and it breaks -> They end up on a island with inhabitants that sacrifice people -> Aim is to steal stolen fuel from inhabitant stronghold and get off the island by sailing through the calm sea after the storm 

^^^That's essentially the plot.

To thicken it the author added a childhood friend crush pretext consisting of a (one dimensional) girl and a nerdy kid (MC) that's good with tech. Kid tries to save childhood friend (who's very very stupid and again one dimensional asf) who kept trying to save her bff (she got rap*d later on - thank god for that) and was captured by the inhabitants. Furthermore she happens to be crowned as the 'chosen one' by the voodoo witch and the inhabitants look after her. In the process of saving her while lacking much preparation MC gets caught by enemy but saved then knocked out by a ex-American female soldier (maybe fat man and little boy got into the japs heads too much) with big tits (btw all the girls got big tits in this manga, dont ask why probs fan service) who is pissed off at him for wreaking her plans but later lets him convince her into letting him join in on the operation. (this is up to CH 21).

If you haven't noticed by this point there's literally not much depth or worth within this manga at all. If there's any good thing I have to point out then it has to be the artwork, it's literally (to me atleast) stunning - nearly Boichi 'Sun Ken Rock' level good - which is why I read it up to CH 21 (though I will be dropping it here since I got other bookmarks to go through).

I hope my review enlightened you enough to not read this. Therefore I wish you a good day ;).

4/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
4/10 overall

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