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An aging hikikomori and asperger. Discovered Anime about 1998 i think it was, I found a clip of Ranma½ on youtube. Laughed my ass off and has been a faithful anime fan ever since :) equally fond of romcoms as I am of Dark and sinister.

Simply LOVE japanese humour and many a j-live drama has made me all giggly and/misty eyed.

Oh and I tried to watch an anime dubbed to english once, but luckily I managed to switch over to the japanese audiotrack before the keyboard shorted out from the vomit! Never again!

Happily inflicting my favorites on both family and friends and has recruited both mother and fiancé to my banner, Both of them thinks that Chobits is the bestest to hit the screen since.. well since ever. My elder brother however stubbornly refuses to even give it a try despite several long campaigns from my side. Edit, lately though he has started to come around.. he has a peculiar fondness for boxing anime.

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wolfangel87 Feb 12, 2008

Oh wow 700 books!!!!!  I so envy you, my dream is to have my own library!!!!!

tetra Jan 26, 2008

Jag gillar Trinity Blood mer än både Ran och Kenichi. men jag sätter stor vikt vid hur animeringen ser ut. Och Blood är mer vuxen och mindre serie-aktig än de andra två. Och har mer "flyt" i utseendet, om du förstår hur jag menar. Och så är jag en sucker för vampyrer ;)

tetra Jan 25, 2008


Du är jag! Fast kille...

Tetra har aspberger och adhd, har varit nere i en depression i typ 3 år (uppe uppe! Jag vann!!!) älskar allt som är japan, är på sant aspbergervis supernörd på och inom allt. Mina bokhyllor innehåller mer (engelsk) fantasy än sf då sf var en fas jag gick igenom när jag var 7 till 17 och följdaktligen tillhör de böckerna antingen min far eller biblioteket...

Undrar om man ska starta en klubb... mentally challenged otakus ;)

VivisQueen Jan 24, 2008

Surprising, wasn't it, considering the very average start. Glad you enjoyed it!

1010rikku Jan 24, 2008

*waves enthusiastically*

Welcome to anime-planet!! Loved reading your bio, it was very entertaining!! You really do seem to be an honest to good ness Otaku! Spreading the joy and wonderfulness that is anime!! Good Job!!

I admit, found your avatar a little scary...must be the blue skin and fire!! About meeting your fiancee on the net...isn't that how most relashionships start nowadays anyways?? I actually met my honey here, on Anime- Planet believe it or not. We were initially link by our love for anime. *smiles*

Feel free to stop by and chat, or if you have any questions!!