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Hello there!  I'm JakotsuReborn and what brings me here is obvious.  I am an anime lover, gamer and manga reader <3.  
The first animes I grew up with were Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Hamtaro. 

My “husbando” is Staz C. Blood from Blood Lad. 

I am up for pretty much any anime that comes my way or that is suggested (depending on its content).  My friend Ecchi will always throw anime at me.  Sometimes we even watch them together from time-to-time despite our living distance :).  

I am more than happy to fulfil anime/manga suggestions anyone may have.  Just leave them in the comments on my profile.  I love discussing anime too, so more than welcome to discuss them :).  

When I get around to it, I am going to be writing anime and manga reviews as well. 

My Anime ratings scale: 

(5/5 Stars) Masterpiece - Offically my favourite(s)

(4.5/5 Stars) Great - May be something minor I did not agree with (eg: a failed shipping, abrupt ending or confusion).

(4/5 Stars) Very Good

(3.5/5 Stars) Good

(3/5 Stars) Fine

(2.5/5 Stars) Average

(2/5 Stars) Bad

(1.5/5 Stars) Very Bad

(1/5 Stars) Horrible

(0.5/5 Stars) Appalling

(0/5 Stars) Not Yet Decided

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TheCinematicOtaku Aug 30, 2018

I haven't seen any horror anime that really frightened me other than Devilman Lady, though. 

Well, that's wonderful! I also have the first season for Sailor Moon as well, grew up watching the original series when I was younger and it stills nearly tops my list at #2 today. :)

Right now, I am currently watching Outlanders - it's an older sci-fi satire anime from the '80s about a boy who unexpectedly for an alien girl in the middle of a galaxy war. It's pretty good yet silly & raunchy (also little bloody, too), but I like it - Sort of makes me think Rumiko Takahashi's pre-Inuyasha works a little because of the plot. I think you might enjoy watching that if you're still looking for a good classic that has some laughs plus action & romance, also heard there was a manga for Outlanders as well (still on my "to-read" list). You should watch Gunbuster as well, too - just seen that recently and it's so great (it's done by the same men behind Evangelion).

So I see. But not much into FMA really to be honest.

TheCinematicOtaku Aug 29, 2018

So I see. And have heard about the live-action (by Wingard), too.

I've might have seen little bits of the 2003 series, and no problem.

I have seen Gundam (not much fan on that, but perfer Robotech more over it) and I have read some of When They Cry manga (truly "holy sh*t" insane but enjoyed it).


TheCinematicOtaku Aug 29, 2018

It's all right. Being ill isn't easy or fun at all let me tell you that.

I do like L, I mean he's quite interesting yet good guy to trust. And I agree with you on the fact L should have lived little longer in the series, too. I don't know why I disliked Mello, it's been a long time since I've read the manga (didn't watched the anime to be honest) perhaps I must revisit the manga again as well give the anime adaptation a shot sometime soon (I know it's on Starz On Demand right now). Thanks for agreeing with me on Light, of course.

Sci-fi is one of my favorite genres, also fantasy, action, horror, & comedy too.

So I see. Haven't been fond of FMA, but I did met the director for it back last year at an anime convention and he could also do manga yet he's a good storyteller (& friendly, too).

TheCinematicOtaku Aug 25, 2018

Hey, it's ScorpioVelvet....

How are you doing this week? I'm still doing all right, I've already replied to your last comment on my page earlier this week, and hope you got to read it. <---- Just dropped by to say hello & let you know that. :)

TheCinematicOtaku Aug 20, 2018

Right back at you...

So I see, glad to see you adore animes that have plot twist(s) like I do as well you've got Witch Hunter Robin on your "to-watch" list. Never heard of Blood Lad before, by the way.

I know - after having to watch Elfen Lied the first time last year, my question to myself was "Would I watch it again?" since it's on my list now but also it was too powerful for me to watch on the other hand. I keep asking that question to myself like almost every time I think of Elfen Lied. And that scene... I never knew until finally watched it and was quite shocked but depressed, too.

I am so with you on VHS, they're still part of my childhood. I have like maybe somewhere close to between 100 & 200 in my collection. XD

Right now, I am watching Gunbuster - it's an older title from Gainax and it's little like Evangelion except it's in space (little trivia: Gunbuster marked the directing debut of Hideaki Anno who also later directed Evangelion). It's really good so far, I love the main heroine and how the animation (the storyline is good as well) was done at the time before the studio went on to do Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water up next (another one I'm currently watching, too). I recommend watching that after you're through with Evangelion someday. Even heard that anime had a sequel as well (though, someone said that it wasn't quite good as the original).

I didn't noticed that in High School of the Dead, although I've still only read the manga.