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Ratings are just a matter of personal opinion and shouldn't be taken seriously. For me, i base my ratings on a few things like how much i enjoyed the story, the characters and how they develop, the art, and some other minor factor. But, don't let my ratings hold you back from exploring on your own! You might find some hidden gems that i didn't appreciate as much. Anyways, i hope you find some great manhwa/mangas to read and enjoy!

No ratings: I'm not exactly sure how to rate it. or, maybe i forgot to rate it.

0.5: Appalling. i found them to be uncomfortable, extremely boring, disappointing or just lacking in all aspects. i don't necessarily hate it but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

1 - 1.5: Horrible/Very Bad. they weren't the worst from the previous one but didn't make it to anywhere near good either, it's probably boring and unenjoyable.

2: Bad. the anime/manga was probably just missing something and didn't make me feel any specific love for it. in some cases, the anime/mangas plot line was so bad that the only redeeming aspects were the art, animation or characters.

2.5: Average. it didn't waste my time, but it wasn't anything special either. It was lacking in some major areas and failed to bring me any immense joy.

3: Fine. mostly enjoyable, but lacked some minor factor. this could be due to a weak plotline or poor portrayal of the plot. or maybe the anime/manga just needed something else in order to be better.

3.5: Good. it probably had some minor flaws but overall it was enjoyable to read/watch.

4: Very Good. these particular ones had various reasons why i enjoyed them. however, there were some minor flaws or they didn't quite capture my attention as much as the others did.

4.5: Great. i really enjoyed these and would definitely recommend this to anyone, but it didn't quite make it to my all-time favourites (some of it might be part of my favorites tho).

5: Masterpiece. my favourites all the time and i would highly recommend them to anyone. i might even consider re-watching/re-reading them if i have a lot of free time.

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yeontansyadom May 7, 2023

oh yeh you're right !! i do love reading romance (´▽`ʃƪ)♡ and ofc i'd love to hear your recommendation for me ~ (૭ 。•̀ ᵕ •́。 )૭

oh my ! the author of ASLFUA is the same as cheese in the trap ? O.o that's wonderful bcus i really like their writing style and ideas ଘ(੭´꒳`)°* ੈ‧₊˚

woww and its slow burn between the characters that gets this much praise from you ??  o(≧∇≦o) im gonna have to check it out asap !! ( ๑ ˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و ♡ eeek im actually getting so hyped from hearing your thoughts on it, plus i do love myself a good comedy (๑*ᗜ*) ♡ 

i'll definitely give this one a read, along with "why don't i have anyone by my side" since i luv cute art syles and fall victim to second lead syndrome too ヽ(^o^)丿

yeontansyadom May 7, 2023

oh i also started watching anime in middle school !! ˶‘ ᵕ ‘˶  it's nice that you were immediately drawn into it like i was (*ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)ꕤ*.゚

awwh omg then imo the pookie/bookie nicknames that you call people is such a cute habit of yours ~ ε(´。•᎑•`)っ 💕

thx for also reaching out and talking to me as well~ you too have a lovely day/night ❀.(*´◡`*)❀

quailandduckeggs May 6, 2023

Hey heyyy! First of all, thanks for calling me interesting!☾*✲⋆

(And can I just say that I absolutely LOVE your profile!?)

Hmmmm I suppose my hobbies would be reading manga, books, manhwa, etc(basically anything, I love to read :D), coloring, sleeping, collecting, listening to music, and just spending time with people I like

Fun fact: I'm also pansexual! I've only ever had a crush on one real life person but like you I'm way too shy to talk to her :(      Anyways, hello fellow pan! (SO SORRY IF THAT WAS WEIRD, I'VE NEVER MET SOMEONE ELSE WHO IS PAN)

I saw you like Hero Killer! Me toooooooo! Really really good manhwa/webtoon

Sorry for the long reply!  ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

sassykillua May 6, 2023

I LOVE SPORTS ANIME THE MOST AS WELL AS DARK MYSTERY AND ANTY HERO KIND OF ANIMES. Haikyuu is my life time favourite I'm not even kidding. As for dark mystery it's Moriarty the patriot,death note,assassination classroom, code geass,vinland saga and monster. But if i have to add it's bungo stray dogs that exceeded my expectations. I went for kind of funny twisted story. But it turned out really intriguing and got me hooked. And as there's always expectations i love fruits basket,violet evergarden,high school babysitters,kamisama kiss,spy×family,saiki k to a great extent. And obviously there's bl anime too ~

sassykillua May 6, 2023

Ikr! I also don't get the hype about painter of the night,sadistic beauty,jinx and more. Yes i love dark plot but it's like the authors of these couldn't think of anything and went like "oh well let's add some [email protected] scenes,and let's add even more [email protected] scenes". It's so frustrating tbh. 

And i can feel you about killing stalking. When i was new i also tried that and was traumatised. But after getting used to being a fujoshi i liked it later