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Alright, going into this one I had already watched the first, and I was not disappointed, but I was also not excited about it either.

Plot again in this one, is that there was not one. Once again it was like a mission, but even then it just turned into madness and then was pretty much done.

Animation for me had no complaints, followed suit from the first one and seemed just fine. Plenty of explosions and disembowelments and what not to satisfy any one looking for it.

Sound was alright. There was less than what was in the previous, so much that there was only an ending credits theme. The ending credits theme also sounded like an '80s love theme, which if you read the lyrics, that I recall is what it was.

Again characters didn't have much background or any expansion, so that was disappointing.

Overall I would recommend this one as a one time watch, but only after you have seen the first one.

2/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
5.3/10 overall
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