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I have'nt watched that many anime shows but my favorite genre is ninja and magic anime of some kind..

Right now im just in search for some new anime shows to watch.

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Jaboux Dec 24, 2009

Yeah.. It was just like the example i used with naruto. Its a great series untill around episode 100 and above it gets lengthy. They could use around 5 episodes just to talk to the enemies before the battle which is going on for even longer amount of time.

So im sticking to the "short" (between 1 - 100 episodes) animes, though im still watching some animes that are still going on but they are vital for me, im talkin about the new Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Loved the first series, i have to see the next one.

But sure, its a matter of taste whatever you like to watch, my little brother still watches One Piece and he still think its great.

Cypselos Dec 23, 2009

Hey there,

Well when you watch the weekly episode of a series, that's only one episode  but if you've got to watch more than 200 episodes in a raw, yeah that's long... When i started One Piece, they were at the episode 410... But are they really great? Bah i think the quality of the story isn't great but in terms of enjoyement, yeah those shows are great. As you said, there are many good <26 series. And have you ever checked out the Doraemon anime? [...] above 1800 episodes (yeah that's the right amount of zeros). They started it in 1973 and it looks like they're stil airing it lol. Good luck !

Jaboux Oct 6, 2009

Why does some series have to last over 200 episodes, i simply do not want to watch a series that last that long. Yes yes, many will say that i am turning down some of the greatest shows like naruto, bleach, one piece etc.

There are SO many good series out there which only lasts 26 episodes, that means they have shotened it down so every episode is watchable and not drawn out where ex. to ppl can talk each other to death before the actual combat, so a combat lasts 20 episodes... waste of time.